Our Principle

AXIS Patent International
Our Principle

Our Principle

We do only not focus on intellectual property itself, but also on the business surrounding the intellectual property, and pursue the ideal structure of intellectual property to support the business.


Assuming that technology is a collection of ideas, then there are many ideas scattered throughout the company. We believe that it is our mission to develop such ideas (raw stones) and process them into gems, which are called intellectual property, so that they contribute to your business. We will do our utmost to visualize the ideas that are indispensable for the client’s business, brush them up, to contribute to the client’s business. For that purpose, we are constantly aware of the following policy when conducting our business.

1.To develop intellectual property that contributes to business

  • What kind of intellectual property is needed to protect the client’s business!
  • How should we take advantage of intellectual property to grow our the client’s businesses!
  • What kind of intellectual property strategy is suitable for the client to win the business!


We always keep these things in mind when providing services. Further, we will support the acquisition and utilization of various intellectual property with the optimal intellectual property strategy for your business in mind.


We hope to further develop our client’s businesses by successfully integrating the intangible assets of intellectual property into the client’s business, and we will continue to devote ourselves with the awareness and pride of being an intellectual property expert.

2.God is in the details

The most important thing in IP business is not to be confused by the surface of things, but to face the facts that are present, never overlook even the smallest things, and identify the truth (essence) hidden in the depths. It is something that should never be neglected for those involved in intellectual property.

With this regard, we aim to be a partner who always assesses the facts from a neutral perspective and dare to say "no" when there are mistakes regardless of blame, rather than looking at the client’s favor.


Furthermore, if it is judged that the situation is disadvantageous to the client, we will propose a solution. We understand that this is the origin of "hospitality" for our clients.


We will strive to be the best partner to provide the best service to our clients without losing our eyes to see the truth.

3.Read the trends of the times

The world is moving fast. Along with that, new technologies are being developed one after another. Furthermore, the legal system is being revised year by year according to the times.


Under such circumstances, we believe that one of the roles given to us is not only to keep up with the times, but also to anticipate the times and think about countermeasures.


We are studying and sharing outcomes with all our staff so that we can respond appropriately to the ever-changing business environment.


In addition, we will continue to study judicial precedents that have an important influence on judgment of intellectual property and strive to make judgments that are in line with the times.


We will work hard to provide appropriate advice to our customers while predicting what will happen in the future.