Our Strength

AXIS Patent International
Our Strength

We Correspond Sensibly to Changes of the Times, and Energize Intellectual Property to Your Business

Life style and working style have been changing to the people in all over the world these days because of the remarkable environmental changes such as heavy rain and heavy snowfall which cause more disasters year by year. Significantly, pandemic invasion which no one could have predicted forces people to change their lives and working style greatly. However, in such severe and unpredictable circumstances, “technology” which supports the fundament of corporation has always been improved day by day.
We believe that corporation is now required to correspond to the changes of environment and society immediately and flexibly and to create new enterprise value without stopping the improvement of technologies. And the key is “intellectual property” which is the products as the results of research and studies of technologies created by great efforts of researchers.
We are the task force with knowledge and experiences to support corporation and business to discover those intellectual property and raise it to utilize actively.
We are ready and grateful to support your business in utilizing the intellectual property, which is cultivated through diligent work and efforts,to have it alive with their best usage and not to let it go to dormant or buried property.

High Skilled Staff

All our patent attorneys corresponding to the clients are highly experienced and have cleared our severe examinations and they form the best group who specialize in machinery, electricity, chemistry, medical care and any fields with high specialty and superior linguistic ability.Particularly we recognize that the ability to see through the essence of inventions, to raise searching questions, and to suggest to improve the effectiveness of inventions to the maximum are the most important skills in our work.Furthermore, we try our best to update our knowledge on the most advanced technologies in any fields including current AI and biotechnology. For that we hold workshops among staff to share and to unify our knowledge, understanding of court cases, law revisions, examination criteriarevisions etc.
Also, the office work at a patent agency is not just like a general office work, but it is more like the work of paralegal as it requires to manage important intellectual property of clients precisely and to support patent attorneys. Most of our office work staff possess governmentally/officially approved qualifications. Our staff works hard to provide clients with the best service in a slogan of “clients first” and improving themselves with their skills with their specialty; excelling in communicating with oversea countries, obtaining highly evaluation in research and trainings, capability of accurate management, attending a manner training by All Nippon Airline, one of the leading air company in Japan.
We keenly realize that the world has been changing intensely these days such as technological innovation, especially AI and IoT, has been advancing widely with the huge growth of Internet, also the legal system has been establishing new forms and revisions frequently. We do our best effort to keep up with the tide of this changing time appropriately through trainings and workshops in and out of our firm to gather and unify the most advanced information to offer the best service we can do for the clients’ satisfaction.

Solid Security

In 2010, we acquired the certification of ISO27001, the international standard of the information security management system (ISMS), as the first firm among patent attorney’s firms in Japan. Since then, we have been keeping to acquire the certificate passing its maintenance and update examinations. We are confident to secure the important intellectual property of our clients in the perfect security system.
Furthermore, we set our office in a building (Shimbashi i-mark Building: one minute walk from JR Shimbashi station) with highly earthquake-resistant construction introducing vibration control damper and concrete filled steel tube (CFT) column to secure all the materials and to minimize the risk caused by emergences and disasters.
We will keep enforcing safe certain information security and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for clients to have them feel secured to receive our service.

Heart of Hospitality, “OMOTENASHI” Mind (“Hospitality” in Japanese)

What is required to offer the best service to clients?


We always keep this query in mind and remind ourselves of the smiles of clients when they achieved to the registration or solved all the matters for the improvement of day by day practice and communication. In addition, we have no barriers among all the staff members by position or whatever. It is our corporate culture and also the base for our Omotenashi mind.


We focus on most on the intellectual property concierge service which we call “Smart Intellectual Property Counselling”. This service is to offer clients with the best practice and the best solution utilizing full of our extensive technical knowledge, rich experience, and know-how for various troubles.


Our staff have rich business experience in various field not only the patent business. We support with every effort from the very start to the terminal providing solutions and actions which are not written in a textbook. Furthermore, we can support clients with any matters as a one-stop single window as we also have lawyers and social insurance consultants. Therefore, we are able to support clients to solve problems/issues occurred under compensation for damages or labor law utilizing our network with firms in overseas countries as necessary.


We always provide service with high quality and cost-effective with Omotenashi mind.

High Quality Outcome

We consider ourselves as artists of specification, not amanuensis. With that respect we do our best to develop clients’ idea into profitable asset and valuable intellectual property to your business. Behind all the inventions there are dramas of inventors filled with hardships. It is our important duty to apply with the dramas as a scenario which would impress and touch examiners.

For that we try to understand the background and the process how the idea came up, not the surface only of the idea or invention. We discuss with the inventor of the invention why the invention is required, and then we build up a scenario of a drama called the invention. Furthermore, we have know-hows and technique to make the scenario into a patent to maximize the profit in business.

We believe that the mind of “never give up” is most essential to work for intellectual property. We do our best effort and never give up to achieve the completion of a high quality specification as long as the invention is the original by the inventor who put so much effort and elaboration into it.

We are confident and proud of ourselves as attorneys and as artists of specification and offer high quality output to clients.

Unique Intellectual Property Workshops

We grub up the source of innovation of the clients, and provide bespoke workshops which fit to the clients to sublimate the source to a strong intellectual property precisely.
Our workshops are for “find the solution” not “tell the solution.” Importance is “how to find the solution” by yourself. For that we create the workshop materials to match the attendants’ type of jobs and duties, introducing many examples of success and failure to make the attendants to image easily what they have learned.
Our presentations for workshops would attract the attendants with abundant and real experiences engaged in numbers of law suits and negotiations together with lessons learned from those experiences. Our workshops are easy to understand which would not to let the attendants asleep nor to get bored.
Our workshops have been highly evaluated from the attendants with the voices such as “eye opening, never learned before”, “all the company staff should attend”, “we need to let the executives know.”
We believe that IP is an effective tool to develop workmanship. We hope our clients will also regard IP as means of human resources development and of awareness reform.