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Search / Appraisal / IP Dispute Resolution Support

Search / Appraisal / IP Dispute Resolution Support (Business Support) "Patent / Design / Trademark"


"Search" is an inseparable part of business activities. In intellectual property activities, various search is required regardless of patents, designs, or trademarks. For example:

  • Prior intellectual property search to see if the idea you have thought of has already come out from others
  • Intellectual property status search to check the current registration status of intellectual property
  • Search of invalidation materials to eliminate concerned intellectual property rights
  • Search of trends in technology, products, competitors, markets, etc.
  • Information search that collects and analyzes desired information, etc.


IP research is an important tool for protecting and nurturing your business. However, intellectual property knowledge and techniques are required to obtain the information that is really needed.


We provide cost-effective research services with the motto of speed and accuracy.




If it seems that another company infringes the intellectual property rights owned by the client, or conversely, if an infringement warning is received from another company, it is necessary to judge the validity and conflict of the target intellectual property. However, when the parties make the judgement on their own, they tend to make decisions from a subjective point of view. Objective perspectives and specialized knowledge are essential for making correct judgement. We attach great importance to the following points in the appraisal:

  • We objectively from a broad perspective, such as the process until the establishment of the intellectual property right, the business content of the owner, and the future business development of the client to analyze the essence of the dispute, rather than simply making a judgment based on the words.
  • When appraising, we always maintain a neutral attitude without giving special consideration to the client’s position.
  • Tell the facts without hiding even if it is difficult to say. “favoritism” is prohibited for appraisal.
  • However, in that case, we will propose a breakthrough measure and a countermeasure separately upon request.


Appraisal is an effective tool to avoid your business risk.



■Support for Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes

The origins of IP disputes are quite different. There are unexpected situations in the business, such as suddenly receiving an infringement warning, suddenly terminated a contract, suddenly an imitated product appears on the market, disturbed by a similar trademark, negotiations stopping due to not met conditions. When this situation gets worse, it becomes a very serious problem. At that time, intellectual property is used as a powerful weapon, and the solution is either negotiation or suit proceedings.


However, no matter which method you choose, you have to utilize the intellectual property that is your weapon. Certainly, with legal and technical knowledge, you can damage the opponent's weapon of intellectual property, and conversely, enhace your own weapon. However, if you compare it to boxing, it's just a jab, and it can't be a decisive hit. There is also a risk of eating the counter.


In other words, intellectual property disputes cannot be resolved by focusing on intellectual property alone, and it is important to find the best solution while grasping the entire business. We will cooperate with our clients to make necessary proposals and support them until solution is found.


It is more important not to lose in the business than to win the suit!!