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Overseas Application

Overseas Application (Business Support) "Patent / Design / Trademark"

We have been helping foreign clients apply to Japan for many years. As a result, we have many connections with patent offices in various countries. Therefore, many clients are pleased because they can obtain the latest intellectual property information and the intellectual property status of each country in a timely manner.


We utilize this abundant connection and many years of experience to provide the best service to act on behalf of our clients or act as a mediate agency on patent designs, trademarks from application to registration, as well as contracts and dispute resolutions with foreign companies.


In addition, the laws and systems related to intellectual property vary from country to country, and a wide range of knowledge and management skills are required. Further, it is necessary to respond promptly and accurately to inquiries from each country.


We have staff who are proficient in languages, from patent attorneys to clerical workers, so you can trust us without hesitation.

Characteristics of Overseas Applications

■Patent / Utility Model

The procedure for applying from Japan to foreign countries is divided into the application procedure by the Paris route (application to each country) and the application procedure by the PCT route (application in multiple countries at once), each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.


We will propose application plans suitable for your business content and business plan.



When filing a design application to foreign countries, there are cases where individual applications are filed in each country, and cases where one application is filed in multiple countries at the same time under the Hague Agreement that came into effect in 2015.


In addition, even if one design is sufficiently protected by Japanese Design Law, the same effect may not be obtained in some countries, and the design system may differ greatly from country to country.


We consider the such design systems that differs from country to country and the effects that can be obtained, propose an appropriate application method by making use of our high expertise and experience, and provide a wide range of services until the acquisition of rights.




Regarding trademark applications to foreign countries, there are two methods: one is to apply individually for each country (Paris route application), and the other is to file an international trademark registration application according to the Madrid Protocol (Madrid Protocol) (Madrid Protocol route application). In particular, according to the latter Madrid Protocol application, a single registration is valid in multiple countries, so it is an effective system when there are multiple countries desired to validate rights.


However, there are some precautions to this convenient Madrid Protocol application, and if you do not do so, your international application may be wasted. In addition, the trademark system in foreign countries may not be fully effective as that in Japan, and there are many points to consider in advance.


We will explain the application method and precautions suitable for your business in an easy-to-understand manner, and will provide detailed support from application to registration so that you will be satisfied.