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Trademark (Business Support) "from Consultation to Trademark Application"


There are trademarks (TM) attached to products and service marks (SM) attached to services such as service industries. Typically, there are character trademarks for brand names and graphic trademarks for brand logos.
Since the trademark registration system protects the deliverables of a company's brand strategy, it is unlikely that the brand strategy will succeed without its proper use.


In recent years, due to the revision of the Trademark Law, new types of trademarks one after another such as movement, hologram, sound, color, position, and fragrance can be registered. As a result, the number of trademark applications, which was about 110,000 a year in 2010, has doubled to about 190,000 a year in 2017 and thereafter. Of these, more than 20% are applications from overseas.


For trademarks, the naming and the shape and color of the mark are important, but the speed of filing is even more important. It is possible that someone has applied for the trademark you are planning one day earlier.


We provide a service called "Smart Trademark®" so that you can acquire a trademark efficiently by eliminating the waste of time and money required for trademark registration as much as possible. There are no consultation fees or pre-survey fees, and there is a full money-back guarantee.


The appeal of smart trademark® services is not limited to cheapness. The high quality that can be used as a powerful weapon to support the client's brand strategy is also a big attraction that has been highly evaluated.


■Support for Application Procedures

Based on the client's request, our experienced patent attorneys will sort out the points of the trademark regarding what kind of trademark should be used for what kind of product / service, etc., and build an application strategy that contributes to the client's brand strategy, etc.


Now that the Internet society has taken root and SNS has become commonplace, brand strategy is becoming more and more important. The important thing when thinking about trademarks is not really "whether or not it can be registered", but is whether or not it is consistent with the brand strategy located upstream of the trademark application.

"Understanding the brand strategy and what can be done with the current trademark registration system?" We think it is the "trademark attorney of the future" that we are required to be.


From the time of application, we will provide proposals and support that take strategic aspects into consideration in order to protect and expand our clients' products and services.

Trademark (Business Support) "Prosecution (Correspondence with JPO)"

■Support for Drafting and Filing of Argument, Amendment, etc. in Response to Notification of Reason for Rejection

We strive daily to collect and research information so that we can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing trademark law. As to notifications of rejection regarding trademarks that have not yet been abundantly examined by the JPO, such as fragrance, sound, position, hologram, color and movement that are newly acknowledged as a trademark, whatever the reason is, we are well prepared to respond appropriately without hesitation.


A normal response to the reason for rejection of a trademark application is based on the judgment of the validity of the reason and the judgment of similarity with the cited trademark. In these judgments, what we are always aware of is not only the trademark examination criteria, but also the correct communication of the attractiveness of the products and services offered by our clients to the users. Further, since trademark is a powerful weapon of brand strategy, we must pay close attention to refute the reasons for rejection and acquire a strong trademark right so that it can function without compromising its power.


We will do our utmost to satisfy our clients with our abundant knowledge and experience.


■Support for Various Trials Such as Appeal against Decision of Rejection, Opposition, Invalidation, and Cancellation

These are used when you are not satisfied with the decision of rejections, when the registered trademark of another company is an obstacle, when you receive an objection to your own trademark from another company, when you want to invalidate the trademark of another company in dispute, or when you want to cancel a trademark that is not actually used. This is a support to eliminate the factors that hinder your business.


For these cases, we analyze the factors of each case and propose a solution that can reflect the client's intention to the maximum extent. Once entrusted, we will do our best to provide you with the best results.


We are a group of professionals with a wealth of experience and know-how.

Trademark (Business Support) "Appraisal, Infringement Cases, and other Patent Legal Matters "

■Support for Appraisal
■Support for Solving Infringement Cases
■Other Trademark Legal Support (License Agreement, etc.)

While the movement to effectively utilize intellectual property to build an advantage in business activities is becoming popular, the effectiveness of trademarks and the presence or absence of conflicts are becoming more important in business strategy.


In addition, disputes regarding intellectual property are increasing, and responding to trademark infringement cases is a major factor that influences business activities. However, these judgments and responses are extremely specialized and require advanced knowledge and experience.


We provide services such as appraisal report creation that makes the best use of our high expertise and experience. In addition, we have a close tie-up with law firms that is familiar with intellectual property rights, and infringement cases can be dealt with promptly and appropriately with the cooperation of attorneys at law and patent attorneys. In addition, we provide services related to trademark legal affairs in a wide range of fields, such as support for license agreements.