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New fee structure

New fee structure

From January 2022, we have changed to a more concise fee structure. The new fee structure is as follows.
Please note that the Money-Back Guarantee Policy is still available. Please refer to the following for details.

Basic charge 30,000 JPY
Additional charge for each class: 20,000 JPY*

*Applicable when the number of designated goods/services does not exceed 10 in one class; if the number of designated goods/services exceeds 10 in one class, an additional fee of 2,000 JPY per goods/service will be charged.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

The Money Back Guarantee Policy refunds for agent fees (except for official fee) required for a trademark application as per given requirements in the event that the trademark application is rejected during its examination stage (in the event that a decision of refusal is issued).
To claim your Money Back Guarantee, you should fulfill the following requirements:
(1) use our trademark searches (including a brief search)
(2) indicate a search result of “high registrability”(*)
(3) file an application “within one month of the report date of search” as to trademarks applicable to (2).
(*) Result of the trademark search will be indicated according to a three-point rating scale as follows: “High registrability,” “50% registrability,” and “Low registrability.”
The Money Back Guarantee is not applicable on the following applications: an application shown to be either “50% registrability,” or “Low registrability” after trademark searches with regards to trademark registrations; a trademark application given a notification of reasons for refusal based on unpublished trademark applications or rights as of the trademark search date; and any other application given a notification of reasons for refusal through no fault of our own.
Also, the Money Back Guarantee does not apply to the agent fees required for demand for trial.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.